dkompare: (Default)
2009-11-23 09:53 pm

Lost in the car

I skipped season 5 of Lost to concentrate on writing my book on CSI. Said book is finally nearly out of my hands, but Lost season 6 looms. What to do? Why, rewatch the whole thing. On my iPod. On my morning commute. In my car (mostly).

So far so good. I'm finishing up S1 tomorrow; they just launched the raft, and I'm sure it's nothing but smooth sailing to come for Michael, Walt, Sawyer, and Jin. I can glance down at stoplights, but thankfully most of the best details are actually in the audio. That said, I'm kinda screwed when Jin and Sun talk. Still, at this rate, I'll get through S3 by the end of December, and can get through S4 and S5 in wonderful full resolution at home in January, just in time for S6.

I'm tempted to do it with other shows, but we'll see how this experiment plays out.

On an unrelated note: yes, I gotta get around to posting an avatar pic.